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From small scale projects like building shelves to bigger ones like taking out a wall, King Arthur's Castle is here to make your home feel like that one place you'd rather be than anywhere else in the world. Specializing in woodwork and carpentry, KAC helps your living space achieve both the design and structural changes you envision.


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Shout out to Matt Gillette for the awesome job, turning my childhood radio flyer into a retro side table. Turning a childhood toy into a useful new age piece of furniture is a great addition to my home. Matt has a unique skill and vision. #KingArthursCastle.
Matt and Nicole found driftwood to stain and finish off to make shelves for my bathroom. I can’t even explain how much better my bathroom looks now. Pictures don’t do it justice. I’ve asked them to do more for my bedroom and would highly recommend them!
Matt built the most amazing backdrop for my baby shower on such short notice. King Arthur’s Castle has amazing customer service and Matt’s eye for turning just about anything into perfection is unmatched!



We know how personal a home is... it's your castle! We will work in whatever way best suits you. Whether you want to be involved in the planning and design, or you want a more hands-off approach, we got ya. We promise to work during days and hours that are best for you, using the highest quality materials that work for you, and to ensure the finished product is exactly how you dreamed.


About Us

Matt, Nicole, and of course, Arthur

We are a family and a company. We have been in love with design, architecture, and woodwork all our lives, and have been trying our hand at it professionally for over five years now.

Inspired by places we grew up (historic homes, churches, and schools in New Jersey), places we've traveled (Nicaragua, Denver, New York City, Pennsylvania, San Fransisco, France, Chicago, and more), and our current home (beautiful, sunny Charleston), we know that the feeling of "home" comes in many different shapes, colors and sizes. We have found "home" in our lovable dog, Arthur, and we can't wait to find out what makes a place feel like "home" to you. We would be honored to help you translate that feeling into your current space.