different places, different faces...

If the past couple weeks are any indication of how this summer is going to progress, we say, "Bring it on!" 

We are so inspired and energized by the people we have been meeting and the opportunities with which we are being blessed. We are excited to share a couple of our recent interactions with you...

We felt the buzz of anticipation as we drove toward the secluded lake house, and the quiet of the dusk reminded us that this was a bittersweet experience for our donor. For various reasons, a woman was being forced to dismantle her dock and work shed after many peaceful years of enjoying them. She was allowing us in on a piece of her past, allowing us to take from it and give it a new future. Her generosity and determination will be in our mind with every accent wall and piece of furniture that we create with her worn, well-loved wood.

A couple days later, we received an email from another woman who had stumbled upon our site and was interested in donating furniture to us. She felt a connection to us in several personal ways and wanted to know if we would come to her workplace, to see the furniture. We couldn't drive over there quick enough! As we pulled up in front of the Georgian Inn in Montclair, New Jersey, we could not believe we were being invited into a sliver of what literally is the epitome of what we love - a beautiful 1902 mansion turned inn that is currently being restored. Just to walk the halls would have been enough of a thrill for us...seeing the magnificent architecture, hearing the creaks of the planks beneath our feet, and feeling the magic of a century worth of people, stories, and stays. Instead, we got more: a kind, warm welcome and a few new pieces that we can't wait to restore.

This is going to be a summer of seeing different places and different faces, and we are quite alright with that.

Posted on July 10, 2014 .